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Relationship Services

I offer four types of Relationship Services to help you create and maintain the loving relationships you truly desire:

Relationship Therapy ~ Relationship Retrieval ~ Rebuilding Loving Partnerships For Couples, Women and Men

Relationship Coaching ~ Strengthening Partnership Skills For Couples, Women and Men

Awakening Your Fierce Feminine Fire ~ Relationship Empowerment through Creative, Energetic Spiritual Journeys for Individuals, Couples or Groups ~ Ignite Your Passionate Creative Spirit ~ Come Home to Your True Self

EquiHeart ~ The Equine Encounter ~ Relationship Enhancement through Partnership with Horses. Guided Horsemanship Activities for Individuals, Couples or Groups ~ Horses Teaching Humans to Stretch and Be Your Best!

My Style and What You Can Expect

My style in offering all my services is holistic and “soul-centered.” This means that your thoughts, behavior, emotions, intuition and spirituality are equally honored. The inner experience of your “true self” is given the respect and validation it deserves. I’ll help you, and your partner, if you are working together, get “grounded” in this place of respect and honoring. From here, with an open, loving heart, you can begin to really hear and understand your own and each other’s stories and pain. There is no place for blaming others. The need for personal responsibility for one’s own actions becomes clear. This is the path to healing.


What is the Difference Between Psychotherapy and Coaching?

Psychotherapy deals with healing from dysfunction, loss and possibly trauma. As an experienced, licensed psychotherapist, I will assess and diagnose your problems. Together, we will develop a treatment plan to resolve your problems and restore you and your relationships to optimal functioning. We may be treating emotional and behavioral symptoms such as depression, anxiety, unmanaged anger or addictions. We may examine past issues that have not yet been resolved, which may include family experiences from earlier times in your life. There may be grief work involved in order to heal painful past experiences. I will offer immediate feedback through very keen observational senses to help you change problematic behavior patterns in the moment. My style is very interactive so you will have plenty of helpful feedback to continue to build new behaviors in between sessions. I will also offer lots of support, education and guidance to help you change old destructive patterns into healthy, functional behavior and achieve the life and relationships you truly want.

Coaching is an entirely different experience from psychotherapy. I offer Coaching for women, men and couples who may have already completed psychotherapy and/or feel their lives and relationships are relatively healthy and they are clear about taking full responsibility for making changes in their life and relationships to accomplish specific goals. You’ll receive plenty of guidance, with logical and practical steps to get to where you want to go. The experience is more of a team approach to problem solving. We will evaluate along the way and make revisions as your needs and path change. I become a mirror for you to see yourself reflected back to you as you evolve in your life transformations. It’s a very exhilarating and high energy process!

Your Investment in Yourself and Your Relationships

Relationship Therapy, Coaching, Empowerment and Enhancement Services are the best investments you could ever make in your total health and wellness. There’s a strong body of research that shows that people in long-term, successful, committed relationships live longer, healthier and happier lives than those not in relationships. This is true for both men and women.

Healthy, happy and loving relationships anchor us in positive, purposeful and meaningful lives. When you make your commitment to do what it takes to put your relationship on a healthier path, your investment will be multiplied in terms of the benefits you’ll receive, I can promise you that.

My practice is “Fee for Service,” and payment is expected at the beginning of your scheduled service. Fees are tailored to specific services and the length of service. During our phone conversation, I will discuss the fees related to the services you are interested in scheduling. Pre-paid Service Packages are available at a discounted rate. If you are interested in filing a claim with your insurance company for your direct reimbursement for your paid therapy service, I can provide you with a paid invoice for you to attach. Service Package fees are not applicable in this case.

Please call me today at 706-565-6062 to take the next step in beginning our journey together to get your relationship on that healthier path!

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