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Hands You Can Trust

Hello! ​If you’re reading this blog, you want to know why you should trust me with your marriage or intimate relationship. I applaud and welcome your curiosity! It shows you’re motivated. So let’s kick back, grab a moment of stillness together and let me tell you a little more about what I do and why I’m so passionate about it.

First​, I should tell you why I use the word “transformation,” instead of the word “change” to describe what I do ​with couples and individuals. In my 30+ years of practice, I’ve learned that there’s a huge difference between someone changing a behavior so they could get a different outcome and someone undergoing a restructuring and rebuilding of their life.

An example of “change” ​would be learning to do ​meditative breathing in a certain sequence to calm down when feeling angry. This is a really great change and one I teach to most of my clients. “Transformation,” ​on the other hand, is a process or journey ​that includes a variety of “changes​” along the way to arrive at a completely different way to experience your life, your marriage and relationships. ​An example of transformation would be the couple that enters therapy having experienced the affair of one spouse, having to shed the old marriage with it’s dysfunctional patterns that led to the affair and rebuild a new marriage ​where they attempt to restore trustworthiness and respect.

Transformation is a metamorphosis​: like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly; a seed germinating, sprouting, uprooting and growing into a tree; a human egg and sperm becoming an embryo, developing and being birthed as a baby.

Transformation is the work that I do. ​We’re re-designing the landscape of your life and your relationships​ to help you build the “inner” home of your dreams -​ connection with your true self and the true self of your intimate partner.

So, how do I know about transformation? ​Well, I can tell you I’ve experienced it first hand in my own life numerous times throughout my life, much like I’m sure you have. When I’m working with a couple or individual in the swirling vortex of transforming their relationships, I not only understand, I’ve probably been through something similar, I have the professional experience to guide you out of the storm, and the compassion for what you’re going through.

Knowing this should matter to you. After all, you’re entrusting your life and your heart’s struggles and desires in my care. Each therapist is unique. The way I work and what I have to offer you to guide you on your journey is completely the result of the life I have lived, both professionally and personally. I’m a seasoned therapist with over 30 years of experience; and I’ve traveled a long, fulfilling road through life thus far.

On my own journey, I found ways​ out of my struggles​ and onto a path of living my life to the absolute fullest, with love, joy, resilience, fierceness and passion.​ And I bring that life experience to you!

I’m passionate about helping you chart your unique course to the life you truly want, free yourself from cycles of dysfunction and struggle, and create relationships that flourish.

So, I​ ​developed​ ​a​ ​specialty in​ Marital, Couples and Relationship Therapy and Coaching; and I absolutely love the work I do!

But how did I get here?

WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE ME to be your guide?

Here’s a Brief Glimpse into My Story

Maybe my childhood story is a bit like yours…

I grew up with family dysfunction. My family was focused on survival. ​The “quality” of relationships was not as important as what you could do. I learned a fantastic work ethic but, didn’t learn relationship skills as a child. Navigating the complexities of relationships did NOT come naturally to me. I learned these skills later in life. Any interaction with people,​ felt confusing to me at best and terrifying at worst​. Any of this sound familiar?

I literally had to learn from the ground up how relationships worked, what intimate communication was and how to build working partnerships with others​. Because of this, I CAN be an expert guide for you.

The experiences I gained along my Journey have direct impact on the quality and authenticity of the guidance, teaching and mentoring I bring to my clients.

I have done and continue to do my own emotional work, ​embracing ​the resources of psychotherapy, coaching and other transformational services. Any service I offer, I’ve tested out first. I stay on top of what works to help people heal.

I’ve been​ blessed​ with marriage; motherhood; raising a loving, creative, successful daughter; healing extended family relationships; living through divorce and coming out healthy and well; mastering the art of single parenthood; running successful businesses; partnering with animals in helping people grow; and beginning a new life with a new partner in midlife.

So, when you settle down comfortably in my office, whether in the city or countryside, please rest assured you will receive the utmost quality experience from a therapist who has walked her own walk of transformation. I get it! I can take you through to the other side.

I have immense respect for and value the therapeutic relationship. I feel blessed to be able to offer this type of connection to others. I know improving another’s life and the quality of their relationships is the most important work there is.

I look forward to helping you on your restorative path!

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