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Hydrangeas from Dad: The Gift that Rekindled My Soul

Embracing Spirit After a Parent’s Passing

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Mary Ellen Connett, MS


Relationship therapist Mary Ellen Connett delivers an inspiring testimony of how she rekindled a bold new spiritual life after receiving a startling text message from her dad one month after his physical death. Connett offers reassurance that soul relationships live on and teaches us how inner spiritual radiance can shine even greater than before after healing the bewildering grief of a parent’s passing. 

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Hydrangeas from Dad: The Gift that Rekindled my Soul

Embracing Spirit After a Parent’s Passing

Mary Ellen Connett believed she was living a soulful life, helping people heal wounded relationships for 32 years as a marriage and family therapist. She understood there was life after death, but still felt paralyzed by loss. She knew there was a spirit world but didn’t talk about it. And she didn’t REALLY know her soul’s true path or purpose, if there even was such a thing. Mary Ellen kept a low profile because, living in the conservative, Deep South, there was just too much to lose if her strange spiritual yearnings came unleashed.

But all that began to shift on February 22, 2015, a month after her father’s death. Late that night, Mary Ellen received a picture in a text message from her dad’s phone. A hydrangea bush! What?? But, why? How? Who? She discovered the next day that no one had handled her dad’s phone since his death. This was a testimony of the soul that rocked her world.

This startling gift from her deceased father was the fire Mary Ellen needed to rekindle her soul from the embers and ignite a spiritual transformation in which she redefined death, healed grief and relinquished the fear of embracing her true self.

Connett’s story is a beacon of radiance and hope for anyone on their own transformational soul journey anticipating or following the bewildering loss of a parent. This disorienting life transition brings the gift of our own awakening to the true meaning of life on earth – embracing our soul in relationship with the souls of loved ones and liveing in alignment with our soul’s path and purpose. 

Who can benefit from this book?

If you’re an adult anticipating or experiencing a parent’s passing and are:

  • wrestling with the meaning of life and loss as you grieve
  • feeling painfully bewildered, displaced and empty in your life
  • living in the shadows of your life rather than embracing your deepest longings and passions

This book will be your soul companion.

Inside, you’ll find gems of wisdom and guidance to help you: 

  • Heal and ease the sorrow of the physical death of a parent
  • Affirm the primary existence of the soul
  • Understand there is no death of the soul and you stay connected to your loved ones eternally
  • Accept the importance of your soul’s journey on earth
  • Commit your life to alignment with your soul’s purpose, embracing the spiritual benefits
  • Develop spiritual practices that nourish your soul and sustain you on your path


Dedicated to my Dad


Once you learn the truth

that there is no death,

your soul is rekindled

from the embers into flames,

and, there’s no going back,

you either live that truth

or betray your soul.

Mary Ellen Connett

Mary Ellen Connett, MS, LMFT is a transformational relationship therapist and coach, teacher, writer, women’s spiritual empowerment guide, ceremonial drum artist, drum circle leader, and equine encounter coach. She lives and works on a farm in rural West Central GA with her life partner, Brad, and her therapy horses and cats. Mary Ellen brings her healing gifts and spiritual medicine to people from around the US through online experiences. Her most passionate joys are intimate, loving relationships with family and friends, being in nature with animals and all nature beings, shamanic studies and rituals, wilderness adventures, photography, graphic art, music, rhythm, dance and song.

Learn more about Mary Ellen and her work at:

Contact Mary Ellen at fiercefemininefire@gmail.com or contact@connettpsychotherapy.com

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