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EquiHeart: Guided Horsemanship

Wild Mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin (SWB): A Trek into the Wild Horse World

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~ The Equine Encounter ~

Guided Interaction with Horses through
Basic Natural Horsemanship Activities
An Adventurous, Exhilarating Experience

Enter the World of the Horse

  • Understand the meaning of “natural” horsemanship and how it evolved
  • Learn what horses can teach us by observing their social interaction
  • Choose the horse you want a relationship with from among the herd
  • Learn about safely interacting with horses
  • Practice relaxation, centering and grounding techniques to prepare for the encounter
  • Learn life skills in communicating, problem solving and cooperation
  • Have numerous opportunities to succeed
  • Learn what is required to achieve results

Click video to watch the “Journey Of The Equine Encounter”

Learn and practice the following horsemanship activities in a safe, supportive individual or group environment:

  • catching, haltering, holding
  • leading, directing
  • grooming, caring for
  • lungeing, cooperating with
  • tacking, beginning riding, if you choose

Discover effective ways to solve problems and accomplish goals by looking outside Your World and into the World of the Horse

During Your Equine Encounter, You Will:

  • Discover the importance of trust and boundaries
  • Learn the benefits of staying in the present moment and focusing your attention
  • Understand how clear, honest, direct communication builds trust and cooperation
  • Understand a horse’s natural instincts and methods of communication
  • Realize that body language can be the most effective form of communication
  • Learn how releasing tension in your body helps horses relax and trust
  • Experience the difference between control and cooperation
  • Have plenty of opportunities to change your behavior until trust and cooperation is established
  • Challenge yourself to progress to the next level


After Your Equine Encounter, you will come away with:

  • Basic competency in ground skills of handling, interacting and communicating with horses
  • Basic competency in mounting, balancing and riding skills, if you choose
  • Increased awareness of your strengths and challenges in building trust and cooperation with your horse
  • Increased confidence and sense of accomplishment
  • Ability to set realistic goals and take steps to achieve those goals in horse interaction
  • A sense of accomplishment in communication and problem solving skills
  • Appreciation of how partnering with horses, rather than controlling them, facilitates building the relationship and accomplishing goals
  • Methods to help relieve stress and tension



When you’re ready to experience your Equine Encounter, call Mary Ellen Connett, M.S. at  706-565-6062 to schedule your date and time.  Once your Encounter is scheduled, please print out the EquiHeart Forms below, complete where indicated, and bring with you to your Equine Encounter

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