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Return to the Wild Mustang World of the Sand Wash Basin, July 2023

Hello! From this Colorado spirit who grew roots in Georgia! My husband, Brad, and I returned to the Sand Wash Basin this summer. What a kaleidoscope of emotions and experiences it was for me. I’m still whirling around in it! Come along with me as I continue to process this heart healing adventure. Sand Wash Basin, CO - home to...[ read more ]

Putting Your Marriage and Relationship
in Hands You Can Trust

Hands You Can Trust

Hello! ​If you’re reading this blog, you want to know why you should trust me with your marriage or intimate relationship. I applaud and welcome your curiosity! It shows you’re motivated. So let’s kick back, grab a moment of stillness together and let me tell you a little more about what I do and why I’m so passionate about it....[ read more ]

Wild Mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin (SWB): A Trek into the Wild Horse World

Accompanying slideshow at https://youtu.be/cbSm8OJ7KYA The Back Story Even the name was alluring. Wild Mustangs of the Sand Wash Basin! I first heard about them in 2016 through my Facebook friend, Karen AuBuchon Johnson, a professional wildlife photographer and journalist from Peyton, CO. She started sharing about her trips to the remote wilderness in Northwest, CO. Her photography captured the wild...[ read more ]

Connett Psychotherapy During Stay at Home Confinement

To the West GA community and, really, all GA residents now. To current clients and new clients. I first want to emphasize that I have been offering online therapy sessions for over 3 years now andam keeping my services available to you online. I am well equipped to help you maintain your balance, health and wellbeing during this difficult time....[ read more ]

On Children and Violence

On Children and Violence: What Parents Need to Consider As We Teach By Example In the 60’s, when I walked to elementary school each morning, holding the hands of my siblings, my greatest anxiety was whether the teacher would call on me that day. Or whether the boy I liked would talk to me. If I was mad at a...[ read more ]

AFFF Retreat March 17 2018 Stop the Energy Drain

heal relationships

Stop the Energy Drain Nourish and Free Your Soul Heal Your Relationships March 17, 2018 ~ 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM ~ Ridgeway Place Yes, you CAN heal your relationships from negativity and pain. You CAN free yourself from the emotional and physical drain of taking on other's energy as if it were your own and feeling responsible to fix...[ read more ]

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