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On Children and Violence

On Children and Violence: What Parents Need to Consider As We Teach By Example In the 60’s, when I walked to elementary school each morning, holding the hands of my siblings, my greatest anxiety was whether the teacher would call on me that day. Or whether the boy I liked would talk to me. If I was mad at a...[ read more ]

The Horses Made Me Do It: The Creation and Evolution of EquiHeart

Curious about how a Marriage and Family Therapist moved from a comfortable office setting to the outdoors? And why she accepted the challenge of partnering with 1200 lb. fleet-footed, powerful horses? Come along on the journey as I share my story. But, hold onto your saddle. It’s a wild ride!   Conception of the Dream It started 17 years ago. Flashback...[ read more ]

Awakening Your Fierce Feminine Fire: Women’s Empowerment for a Soulful, Purposeful Life

dancing circle

Do you long for this? A Passionate Creative Spirit Assertiveness and receptivity Free expression Compassion and gentleness Strength and power Feeling fully alive Having your “Flame” mark your essence in the world Excitement in living Living Out Loud Relating with Harmony, Unity and Mutual Respect Having a spark in your eyes, love in your heart, and depth in your soul!...[ read more ]

AFFF Retreat March 17 2018 Stop the Energy Drain

heal relationships

Stop the Energy Drain Nourish and Free Your Soul Heal Your Relationships March 17, 2018 ~ 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM ~ Ridgeway Place Yes, you CAN heal your relationships from negativity and pain. You CAN free yourself from the emotional and physical drain of taking on other's energy as if it were your own and feeling responsible to fix...[ read more ]

Couples Therapy: The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Couples therapy session with psychologist in Columbus, Ga

We invest in homes, cars, boats, stocks, technology, education, training, couples therapy… Wait, what? Couples Therapy? How does that fit into this list? Because…Couples Therapy is THE BEST Investment Yes, we’re a society that invests a lot of time, money and resources in all kinds of material things, from homes, cars, boats, real estate, retirement planning, and technology. We also...[ read more ]

Putting Your Marriage and Relationship
in Hands You Can Trust

Hands You Can Trust

Hello! ​If you’re reading this blog, you want to know why you should trust me with your marriage or intimate relationship. I applaud and welcome your curiosity! It shows you’re motivated. So let’s kick back, grab a moment of stillness together and let me tell you a little more about what I do and why I’m so passionate about it....[ read more ]

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