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Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., LMFT

Therapist, Coach, Transformational Healer, Author, Artist, Entrepreneur

I’m Mary Ellen Connett, M.S., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, in practice since 1984. I am the creator of Relationship Retrieval , a four stage process of transforming your relationships.

Why do I believe relationships need transforming?

Transformation is about radical change, from the inside out, from the bottom up. Life brings challenges, stresses, crises. Often a couple will tell me that after a number of years, maybe with a few kids, and settled into a routine, that they’re just not happy any more. Maybe even miserable. You may be this person or couple. You don’t believe it’s possible to change, or it’s just too hard, too much work. You’re too tired at the end of a long day to make the effort. While this is normal, too many people settle for this thinking it’s as good as it can get. Well, I’m here to tell you that’s a total myth!

If you’ve stumbled into this rut, and lived with marital or relationship neglect for too long, don’t worry. You have come to the right place! Even if you feel you have lost your spouse or partner to over involvement with their own emotional problems, career, children, hobbies, devices, gaming, other relationships, maybe pornography or an affair. Even if you feel lonely, insecure, angry, frightened of losing your relationship completely and experiencing a tornado force of life changes, don’t give up. Transformation is possible!

Together, we will Retrieve your Relationship – Rescue, Revive, Recover and Rebuild – whatever relationship you have lost or are losing. Even the relationship with yourself. Helping couples, women and men make these transformations in their lives and witnessing the miracles is why I do what I do.

After 30 + years of guiding people out of their relationship storms, I can say without any hesitation, this will be the best investment you’ll ever make – in your own well-being and that of your marriage or other intimate partnership. And, I’ll be on this journey with you so you won’t be stumbling in the dark, or drifting out at sea.


Why am I so passionate about Retrieving Relationships?

Since childhood, I have been fascinated by understanding how relationships worked or didn’t work. Growing up with family dysfunction, as so many of us have, I had plenty of time to observe what wasn’t working. I longed to know what family relationships could be like when they were really awesome, loving and connected. When I discovered I could get a B.S. degree in Individual and Family Studies at Penn State University (1981), my career path and my life’s purpose were clearly set. I continued with an M.S. degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Auburn University (1984). I knew my ultimate goal was private practice where my creativity could flow freely in the way I chose to help others create healthy relationships that would flourish.

Since 1983, I have welcomed hundreds of women, men and couples into a safe, sacred space for healing and transforming themselves, their lives and their relationships. I offer a “relationship life raft” and “compass” to those unsure of their course, adrift on the “open seas, rough waters, and raging storms” of confusion, conflicts and crises. My passion and commitment is to expertly guide you out of the fog or storm and onto that brighter path, not just to survive but to truly transform and heal your life and your relationships.

Besides formal education and 30+ years of practice, what other experiences have influenced my work?

First and foremost, I have been on my own path of transformation and healing since college days. There are no therapy, coaching or transformational services I offer that I haven’t fully immersed myself in and truly benefitted from. I have walked the thousands of miles along the transformational path and bring a wealth of my own experience into what I offer you.

I’ve always been adventurous and traveled, studied and lived abroad and throughout North America. Other experiences have been constants in my life: Artistic pursuits – Music, songwriting, playing guitar, journaling, creative fiction, nonfiction, poetry writing, photography, graphic arts, and creative baking; Relationships with Animals – dogs, cats, horses, and partnering with them as co-therapists in my practice; Intimate time spent in nature – Mother Nature was my very first therapist, finding solace and guidance toward becoming my true self as early as my childhood days; Marriage, divorce, intimate partnership and parenting – I’ve experienced the joys and heartbreaks of the full range of marriage and family life across the lifespan; and there are endless creative projects I’ve fulfilled. I can honestly say, I live to create! I also began an apprenticeship in Universal Shamanism with don Oscar Miro Quesada in 2016. This has strengthened my ability to bring spirituality, ritual and energetic processes into the healing and transformative work I do.

You can read more about me in this article from Voyage ATL.

A holistic , soul-centered and systemic focus has always been my approach:

Holistic – honoring what impacts your body, mind, emotions and spirit

Soul-centered – respecting and validating the inner, intuitive experience of your “true self” as this is connected to your Higher Source, God or Creator.

Systemic – including all components of your life – your marriage or significant relationship, family, work, and social network – as we understand your problems and find ways to solve them

“Life and relationships absolutely can and will be “amazing” IF you:

  • intentionally and consciously set a goal to live your life to your fullest capacity
  • nurture yourself and your intimate relationships
  • receive and follow the guidance you need
  • stay committed to doing what it takes to create the loving relationships you desire

I see people transform their lives in this way every day. I am honored to be a part of their miracle. And, I welcome the opportunity to be part of your miracle too.”

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Let’s take that next step toward building
the loving relationship you desire and deserve!

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